Converse Star Player Sneakers – Mine Soon.

by - Monday, November 26, 2012

After twelve straight hours of work last Saturday, I came home with a lovely surprise.  At 5.15AM, I arrived in our flat and saw my dear thoughtful boyfriend on the bed awake and trying to fight sleep so he could tell me the good news.  I then learned that he purchased a pair of Converse Star Player sneakers for me while I was away.  What an excellent way to make my day even greater.

I so can’t wait to get my newest addition to my Converse collection in the mail.  Hopefully, it’s already here by early next week.  Woo hoo!
Bebe got me the right size and the color I was hoping for.  I was so happy that he did not pick a pair in marine blue as I do not fancy the color blue that much.  Well, what can I say?  Bebe knows my taste to bits!
My white Converse All Star Light:

With sissy-in-law – shopping at TriNoMa, Quezon City Philippines wearing my pink Converse Chuck Taylor All Star:

How about you?  Love Converse?  If so, how many pairs do you own so far?

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