Dresses and Skirts on those Cold Seasons of Happiness

by - Thursday, November 01, 2012

At this early time of the year, it is beginning to get really cold!

Heavy snow fall started a week ago.  It is still an off and on situation so I am not so sure if it safe for me to label the season as winter or if I need to wait a wee bit more.  Whatever which way, I am already done cleaning my closet!  Excited much?  Yes, I am!

Plenty of huge boxes hiding in the apartment building’s cellar have been taken to our flat.  Carrying each one and unboxing them is definitely the exhausting part while organizing our winter pieces is something I find fun doing.

No matter what the season is, my fashion sense tells me to always have that touch of the girly girl in me.  So instead of wrapping myself in pants and thick shirts, I usually go for my favorite clothing items – modest casual dresses, http://downeastbasics.com/modest-dress.aspx [knitted or not] and skirts.  I find my style very leisurely relaxing and breathable.  Adding a pair of wool tights or leggings and leg warmers help in keeping me warm.

When it is time for fall or spring, I simply put on a thin cardigan along with the leggings plus a leather jacket and I am all set to go!

Aside from keeping my dresses and skirts for winter, I also make sure that I have a good collection of sweater cardigans.  Although thick ones are preferred by most, I stick to thinner cardigans [reusing the ones from autumn].  I dislike the feeling of wearing heavy clothes.  I feel trapped in them which is not my comfy zone.  After all, I wear a really warm winter jacket, cover my feet with winter boots plus wrap my neck with a scarf when outside so a thin cardigan is more than enough for me to brush off the chill.

Oh.  Have I mentioned that this year, I am controlling myself from purchasing loads of winter pieces?  Since I have many old ones which are still in good condition, I will be buying only a few stuff.  I have already ordered two knitted cardigans online [one hooded, one not] and while browsing one e-store to another, my eyes are glued on this tunic:
Isn’t she pretty?  I so want the black version of this!

Whatever the season and wherever you might be, with the right added accessories --- dresses, skirts and a lovely cardigan will bring out that girly girl in you!

Disclosure: I am participating in a campaign sponsored by Downeast. I will be compensated for my time. However, the views and opinions are of my own.

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