Ellos’ Super Sale: Everything Must Go Week

by - Thursday, November 22, 2012

Ellos is one of Sweden’s biggest online fashion shops ever.  They carry lots of popular brands, have different paying options with reasonable and quick shipping choices.  Just today, they’ve sent this super great sale deal offer through email to their growing number of subscribers and members.

Because I woke up late, many were already done shopping!  The items left were either not my size or definitely not my style.  Urggh.  The early bird surely gets the best worms, right?

So, it’s Ellos’ Everything Must Go Sale where you can get all discounted items for half the price!  No wonder why people have already done their crazy online shopping too early today.  I haven’t even fixed myself a cup of hot coffee yet to help kick start my day!  Well, better luck next year for me!

I certainly love their collection of Esprit clothing.  However, every  time I click on my pick for more details, the landing page tells me it’s already out of stock.  Bam!

This week’s everything must go sale did go really quick!  Well, at least, I did not need to tussle and wrestle others just to see what items were on sale.  Online shopping rocks!

Photo credit: I hate it when my friends add my other friends, who they don't know! Fan Page

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