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by - Wednesday, November 14, 2012

I am a blogger with simple desires --- to have a little spot in the world wide world which I can call my own, where I can put down into words certain events in my life, my travels, thoughts, creations, work and wish lists.  No.  I don’t dream of joining the popular bloggers league but a wee bit of appreciation is nice.

I started with one blog in 2009.  Now, I am a proud author of five.  With my busy schedule, I still find time to update all of them which to be honest, sharing a few information about my life to my readers gives me a sense of fulfillment.

In order to reach out to more people, not so long time ago I created a Facebook Fan Page, one each blog.  A pretty good step and I am so happy that I have taken it.  Let’s face it.  Facebook has changed all most of our lives.  My Fan Pages might not have extremely large numbers of followers they do create quite loud buzzes bringing in more readers, likes and shares for my blogs.  With five of them to manage, the fan page idea is a bit demanding.  So far, I am doing a wonderful job!

If bloggers create Fan Pages on Facebook to have one common hangout for fans, I can’t imagine the long list of benefits a fan page can bring to businesses around the globe.  The more attractive the fan page is, chances are more people will be enticed to become fans.  As per experience, Business Facebook Page Designs do play a huge role in increasing a website’s number of active fanatics.  It’s not always a guarantee but it’s a plus!  In many cases, first impressions are everything, aren’t they?
Aside from the amazing and unique professionally customized pages, interesting contents are important to keep fans from coming back to your page.  More than expected, this leads to fans visiting the business’ official webpage, too.

Giveaways, weekly specials and contests are also smart ways of bringing in more fans and keeping old ones engaged.  Promise!  Loads of the business fan pages I’ve joined are due to the reason that I want to join fantabulous giveaways!  *wink*

Light and easy as pie fan page activities such as polls, user feedback and answer questions are effective in charming more people to join, too.
How about you?  Are you a blogger?  If you are, do you have a Facebook Fan Page for your blog?  If you aren’t, are you a fan of some business fan pages on Facebook?  Which ones?  What tempts you to hit the LIKE button?

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post however, all the points and views are that of my own.

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