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by - Friday, November 23, 2012

Creating blog posts, pitching to clients, e-shopping, connecting with friends and video/voice/text chatting with my family is what I usually have to squeeze into my extra remaining time after work aside from spending quality time with Bebe and of course, taking a rest.  Sitting in front of the computer might look uncomplicated to others but it’s actually not especially if you do not have a good work chair to sit on.

The computer chair I have been using for years now is a gift from my dearest mom-in-law.  After a long period of service, the once comfortable foam is now almost turning into a hard piece of cloth.  The butt and the spine are not happy, I tell you!  To add to that, the back support’s starting to get quite a bit wiggly plus the seat height adjustment no longer works.  The result?  Lower back pain, restless feet and achy neck.  Sigh.

Good thing is Bebe and I have been looking into computer chair manufacturers and stores lately.  Comparing different features, finishes and prices.  We’re also going through a number of customer ratings, reviews and recommendations just to make sure that we’ll not be purchasing something that is rubbish.  These days, in our rulebook it states “Go for quality!”

Speaking of quality, Haworth office chairs [http://www.sit4less.com/landing-pages/Zody-chair/127] seem to look cozy and sturdy.  The Very Task Chair for example appears to be well designed both for home and office scenarios.  With multiple adjustment features [height and arms] plus its pneumatic lift and back stop make it sound like a good choice to me.  With twenty colors to choose from, if ever I think we’ll still stick to black.

And oh look!  We almost overlooked a couple of important details – the 15% off on going sale [until 15 December] and the chance to win the popular Aeron ergonomic chair by simply filling out the form.  No purchase necessary and is open worldwide!  Yes… worldwide so do miss this chance!
The AERON® CHAIR EXCLUSIVE TRUE BLACK [Price: from $809 to $687.65 a piece]:
Worth joining, isn’t it?  I sure want to win this chair big time!

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post however, all the points and views are my own.

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