Loveable M&M Characters at the M&M’s World In London

by - Friday, November 23, 2012

It wasn’t planned.  We headed to London City to catch the last showing schedule of the film Rise of the Planet of the Apes at the Empire, Leicester Square in London.  We purchased our tickets and with a couple of hours waiting period, we decided to take a quick tour around the area.

Bebe and Lo planned on taking me to the famous road junction, the Piccadilly Circus.  While on our way there, we passed by the M&M’s World.  Since this sensational place was calling my name, I could not resist the temptation.  We went in and paid a speedy visit.  I have to say that it was such an awesome experience to spend a few minutes in a gift shop filled with chocolates, candies, souvenir items and best of all a number of loveable M&M characters.
Overly cute, aren’t they?  I tell you, despite that they have all these stanchions, people still try to get over them only to have that chance to be nearer these M&M soldiers and have their photos taken with them.  I honestly wanted to do the same thing following the rule was what I did.  I, at some point, got annoyed with such disrespectful adults [yes… not kids!] and asked myself where can I buy a stanchion [http://www.stanchionwholesaler.com/] to add to what were already there.  Well, well, well.  I did have a fantastic few minutes inside that store though and I am so looking forward to visiting it again!

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