Sending Gifts through Mail? Protect Your Gifts with Strong, Reliable and Affordable Postal Boxes

by - Monday, November 26, 2012

In this day and age of Twitter, Skype, Yahoo! Messenger or text messaging where communication exchange can happen in a jiffy, sometimes, people easily forget there’s this thing called the post office. Aside from regular snail mail, I’m sure you’re aware that a lot of things can be sent via the post office.

Christmas is just a stone’s throw away, and if you plan to take the post office route to send gifts to your loved ones, remember to buy postal boxes [] that are affordable, strong and reliable, ensuring that your gifts reach their recipients in the same condition when you sent them.
Depending on your mailing needs, here are some of the most widely used postal boxes:
  1. Book wrap mailers

If you’re sending books, catalogues, textiles, printed products, pictures, etc., book wrap mailers do not only effectively avoid damage to your items, they also are simple and easy to use. And because the aforementioned goods can come in varying thickness, one-size-fits-all book wrap mailers that fit snugly and can be secured with a strong seal are your best option. Book wrap mailers can be of the economy or premium variety.
  1. Base and lid boxes

Need a postal box that ensures the dress you recently bought for your little sister reaches its destination in style? What you need is a base and lid box. Usually manufactured from corrugated cardboard and commonly used by the clothing industry, the sliding lid ensures that the height of the box can be adjusted to fit your needs. Once secured in place with adhesive tape, the overlapping slides provide maximum protection.
  1. Foam-lined boxes

For those items that need extra care like jewelry that you don’t mind sending through mail, glass items, china and tableware, picture frames and electrical components, foam-lined boxes with foam inserts made from strong low-density polyurethane can have you rest assured your items are adequately cushioned. If you already have a postal box available, foam box inserts can be purchased separately.
  1. Picture frame boxes

To ship mirrors, paintings, picture frames or other precious artwork, you can never go wrong with telescopic picture boxes that fit snugly to guarantee maximum protection. Flat-packed and specifically created for flat items, the sliding lid allows for height control. The box can then be strapped or taped to ensure it stays closed while in transit and the item inside in tip-top condition.
  1. Boxes for mugs

Some may say otherwise, but mugs as gifts still have not lost their appeal. Then again, without the right packaging, there is no assurance that they will reach where they’re destined to go in one piece, literally. If you use cardboard boxes specifically designed for mugs – with a fold-over, hinged lid, tucked-in flap – your precious mug has a better chance of surviving the mailing ordeal.
  1. Boxes for bottles

In the case of glass bottles, it doesn’t take rocket science to understand that these items require specialist packaging. Aside from the popular molded pulp bottle pack, which perfectly cushions contents as soon as they are dispatched, safe and reliable bottle boxes can come in the form of bottle boxes with dividers, bottle gift bags, wooden bottle boxes with sliding lids, windowed bottle boxes, among others.
This season of giving, buying the perfect gift for your loved ones is one thing. Making sure they get to their destination safe and sound is another thing. It should, therefore, help to know that should you decide to send your gifts via mail, your postal box options are as varied as your gift choices.

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