Skin Care: What’s Not to Dove?

by - Friday, November 23, 2012

When it comes to clothing, shoes and accessories, I consider myself not a huge brand conscious person.  But when it comes to skin care products, I always make sure that I only buy those that can provide us with the moisturizing level that both Bebe and I need.  In most days, we put our trust to Dove.

I mean, what’s not to love about Dove?  It’s a huge brand.  Dove has been around for years and has been proven by many to show remarkable results.  As a Dove fanatic for years now, I have to say that this brand surely delivers.  When it comes to its cost, Dove’s skin care line is more affordable compared to others.

For now, our bathroom’s housing a 750mL bottle of Dove Beauty Care Shower Cream, a 500mL bottle of Dove Shower Oil, another 500mL bottle of Dove Moisturizing Milk Lotion and a Dove deo.  I even have a 75mL tube of Dove hand cream inside my purse!  I sure love Dove, don’t I?

I will probably try Dove shampoo and conditioner one day.  If my hair and scalp will end up loving Dove, then I’ll be going Dove all the way!

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