The Latest Must-Have Bathroom Products

by - Thursday, November 22, 2012

Waterfall taps, dark wood furniture: There are hundreds of brand new bathroom products released each year. But how can we sort through them all to find our favourites? Well, to help narrow things down a little, here’s my rundown of the very latest must-have bathroom products that will make your bathroom then envy of all who enter it!

Bathroom furniture [http://www.betterbathrooms.com/bathroom-furniture/] is back and is more popular than ever. There are now purpose built bathroom storage units available in almost every conceivable variation of size, shape and finish. From coloured lacquers to solid wood furniture, the choice is vast, but the type of cabinet that every discerning design lover needs in their modern, chic bathroom has to be metallic. Whether you opt for brushed aluminium or stainless steel, this modern bathroom furniture will provide an instant dose of contemporary urban design, and are light weight, and thus perfect for wall-mounting.
In terms of decor and creating a unified aesthetic throughout your bathroom, natural tones are by far and away the most popular choice at present. When combining an all-white bathroom suite with white walls, the results can sometimes be a little cold and sterile. Using a light pastel shade on your walls will retain the same light- and space-enhancing qualities of white walls, but will be far more inviting and warmer. Naturally finished wooden furniture is hugely popular, for the rich, solid, tactile air it will bring to your bathroom. Natural stone tiles are also becoming increasingly widely used. Each tile has its own unique patterns for a truly unique look, and natural tile is also particularly dense, and thus ideally suited for bathroom use.

More light means a larger feeling bathroom, so it’s important to get your lighting right. Illuminated mirrors will not only provide you with an extra light source, but will help you to create a truly stylish vanity area, redolent of the glamorous dressing areas of old. Most illuminated mirrors will utilise LED’s which are far more efficient and longer lasting than traditional bulbs.
Underfloor heating has decreased in price as much as it has increased in quality in recent years. Now truly a must-have addition to any luxury bathroom, underfloor heating will create a wonderful ambient warmth throughout your bathroom and, especially important at this time of year, will solve the problem of frozen toes! As an additional heating source, a chrome finished heated towel rail will heat the room, ensure that you always have access to warm dry towels whenever you need them, and it will also create a focal design point in your bathroom, to tie the room together.

These are just a selection of the huge range of wonderful bathroom fixtures and fittings currently available, so take some time and have a click around to see what will work best in your bathroom. Just one or two of these products will make your bathroom feel brand new!

Helen Davies is a senior content writer for Better Bathrooms, who sell good looking contemporary and traditional bathroom furniture at realistic prices.

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