Tutorial: The Sun Burst Look

by - Thursday, November 01, 2012

Because of my love-hate relationship with makeup, there have been days when I go out without putting cosmetics on except for a thin layer of loose powder.  I am not really bothered.  It’s just that sometimes, I wish that makeup isn’t that baffling especially to late bloomers like me.

On days like today, I have that teeny-weeny determination to learn more about mixing and matching several shades of eye shadows for specific occasions.  Usually, I go to YouTube and search for tutorial videos but while Googling for tips and tricks earlier, I landed on LUUUX and found this step by step photo of the Sun Burst Look tutorial.
Photo credit: on LUUUX
Because I have a metal palette collection by Maybelline, I am thinking of giving this look a try during the weekend.  Fingers crossed… I am going to do this the right way!

How about you?  Are you confident when it comes to applying makeup on your own or do you also find time to check out online tutorials?

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