Wedding Accessories: Making the Big Day Even Bigger

by - Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The dress is gorgeous, a delicate blend of lace and satin, clinging gently to the curves and flowing down to a traumatic train that evokes images of fairy tale princesses. While the dress might be the centerpiece of the bridal outfit, every single detail that a woman puts on that day will play a very important role in how she feels. One wrong detail, one strand of hair out of place could make her feel as if she has failed in some way.

The Veil and More

Many brides choose to wear either a full veil [http://www.occanseydesigns.com/whatisfullness.html] or something more casual. A simple wreath of flowers might be a perfect suggestion, especially for an outdoor wedding. Some women even choose to wear a jeweled tiara instead of the more simple, lace veil. Your choice will depend on the type of dress that you are wearing as well as the ceremony itself.


Of course, the wedding rings themselves do not count as the "jewelry" [http://www.elegala.com/go/ideas_advice/for/all-about-bridal-jewelry/] for the wedding day, but everything else will need to be carefully considered. A necklace must work with the neckline of the dress itself, for instance. The more intricate the design of the dress, the fewer the accessories that will be needed. Earrings should not be competing with the headdress or veil- a long or full veil would require very small and understated earrings for example.

Foundations and Under Things

Underneath your dress can change your entire appearance. The right bra will lift and hold your breasts, which is especially important if you are wearing a strapless dress, or one with a plunging neckline. Foundation garments keep you looking smooth and slender while crinolines help your dress to look full and elegant. All of these items should be the right color( so that they do not show through) and the right size for your comfort as well as allowing you to look your very best. A bra that is too small can cause lumps in all the wrong places and may increase the risk of having back flab that will be visible during the entire ceremony.
Before the big day, it is important that you try on the undergarments with the dress so that you can see if there are any potential problems that would need to be corrected. You should also make sure that you can walk, dance, sit down and even go to the restroom without any serious problems.

The Right Shoes

Just before you get to walk down the aisle, you will slip on a pair of shoes. Your wedding heels [http://clothing.pricegrabber.com/womens-heels-wedges/p/988/] should be the right height for the dress you are wearing as well as for the groom. You don't want to tower over your new husband and no one wants to be told they can squat and kiss their groom. The heels that you choose should also be comfortable enough to wear during the ceremony and into the reception. Practice walking in them so that you know you will be elegant and dainty, not stumbling and scary as you walk down the aisle.

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