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by - Friday, November 02, 2012

Whenever I crave for tropical fruits, I think of the Philippines where there is this massive selection to choose from that is within the financial means of most people.  I was not born to a rich family but my brothers and I grew up filled with love and fruits!

Here in Sweden, it is the total irony.  They are difficult to find with prices which will always make you think twice [if not, thrice] before you finally pay for a small part just to satisfy your taste bud’s desire.  Even rich Swedish people nod their heads in disbelief whenever they see the price tags attached.  Shocking, I swear!
Speaking of fruits of the tropics, have you ever heard of mangosteen?  We have a mangosteen tree planted in our front yard back home.  It is my mom’s idea actually.  She is in love with this fruit.  My brothers, too!

As for me, I have issues with its texture.  They say, “Like mother.  Like daughter.”  Unfortunately when it comes to mangosteen, this popular quote does not apply to my relationship with my mom.  Perhaps the bottled version of mangosteen is the one for me.  I have heard of XANGO [http://www.xango.com/] and to tell you frankly, I want to give it a try.
I mean, why not?  With a long list of health benefits one can get from this exotic fruit, mangosteen should be a part of every individual’s daily life.  Out of the 200 something [Yes.  That many!] unbelievable mangosteen medicinal properties, here are my top three favorites:

Anti-aging – At 34, there is no denying that I am not getting any younger.  As tiny fine lines on my forehead are starting to appear, I am always in the lookout for well recommended anti-aging creams.  Mangosteen contains this powerful antioxidant called polyphenols which experts say is more effective than the common vitamin E.  Just thinking… a dose a day of XANGO plus my favorite face cream --- a perfect anti-aging combo!

Immune System Booster – With a stressful lifestyle, I need to make sure that I have a strong immune system.  Mangosteen contains Xanthones which are natural chemical compounds that combat those unwanted free radicals.

Energy Booster – Oh yeah.  I so need this!  I am tired of taking awful tasting energy drinks.  If I can get that kick I need from a dose of mangosteen juice, I will whole heartedly choose that over the ones in cans.
How about you?  Do you like the taste and texture of the mangosteen fruit?  If so, where have you tasted it?  Is it a common fruit in your country?

Disclosure: I am participating in a campaign sponsored by XANGO. I will be compensated for my time. However, the views and opinions are of my own.

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