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With everyone so busy and distracted all the time, it is no wonder that so many people lock their keys in the car, lose their car keys or otherwise require the services of an automotive locksmith. However, ascertaining the price of a particular service performed by a Scottsdale locksmith can be difficult. Prices from one locksmith to the next may vary by hundreds of dollars and can be especially high when visiting an automotive shop or a dealer.

Call a Locksmith

While some services involving electronic keys can only be handled by a dealer, it is rare that a dealer is the only choice available. Many people believe that only an auto shop or a dealer can repair a car, but when the problem is a lock, whether it is a door lock or the ignition, it can often be solved by a local locksmith. Locksmiths are trained to service all types of locks, including home locks, safe locks and car locks. In addition, they will nearly always charge less than a shop or a dealer. Repair shops usually have only general lock equipment, but a locksmith has both specialized equipment and knowledge. Auto shops also charge for labor by using what is called the book rate and rarely charge their customers for the actual time involved in a job.

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Instead, they consult a book that lists a maximum time the job should take, and they are allowed by law to charge this rate. Find a Locksmith Once you understand that it is more affordable to call a locksmith for your automotive lock problems, it is still necessary to find the best price among all of the Scottsdale locksmiths. Finding a locksmith is not very difficult, but it can take a little time and research. This task can be done with only the use of a cell phone or smartphone. If your phone has Internet access, the research will be faster and easier, but you can also call information by dialing 411. The operator will be able to tell you several locksmiths in the area, and all you have to do is give them a call. You should never accept the price from the first locksmith you call. At a bare minimum, you will want to call three different locksmiths to compare their prices. Of course, calling all of the locksmiths in the area will yield the best results, but this takes more time than most people are willing to spend. If you are at home, you can use several other resources to find the most affordable local locksmith. You can ask for recommendations from friends and family. It is highly probably that someone you know has already done the necessary research.

If your friends and family members do not know, you can consult online reviews on one or more of the numerous review websites. Locksmith Services The price of an automotive locksmith largely depends upon the services required, where they are performed and when they are needed. Unlocking your door without a key is a routine service that can usually be accomplished in five minutes or less. Having a new ignition installed or having new keys made will cost significantly more, especially when you need transponder keys, laser-cut keys or other types of modern automotive keys. Other factors that determine the price charged by a locksmith include where and when the work is to be done. If you cannot get into your car, then you will need the locksmith to come to you, and this will cost more than if you went to the locksmith’s shop. In addition, late-night and early-morning work will be more expensive than work performed during standard business hours.  

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