Baby Ruth and Nutella: Because I Have Been So Good This Year

by - Thursday, December 06, 2012

When I reached the apartment at around 2 in the morning, I was so looking forward to taking a hot shower.  After a straight ten-hour work [actually, ten and a half], it was finally time for me to relax.

Bebe was already in bed, half-asleep.  He told me to head to the kitchen and check something.  Yey!  Because I have been so good this year, I’ve been receiving loads of pampering.  I am indeed getting “spoilder” day after day!

Well, lookie look look here… the surprise… ta-dah!

That’s an entire box of Baby Ruth and a bottle of Nutella hazelnut spread!  Oooh-wow!

Actually, Nutella is something I always have at home.  It is Bebe who makes sure that I don’t run out of it or else I’ll get mad.  Nah.  Not really.  *wink*  He does love me, no doubt!

The box of Baby Ruth [set of 24], he ordered from a company in Germany – AmericanFood4U.  Of course.  I immediately grabbed one bar and took one bite after another as if it was my first to savour it.  Delicious to the highest level!  Thank you AmericanFood4U.com for a very quick delivery despite the unforgiving snowy weather.

Time check: 04.10AM – Now, that I have chillaxed, eaten quesadillas, enjoyed a bar of Baby Ruth and took a cup of hot coffee, it’s time for me to hug my pillow.

Nighty night one and all!  Have a sweet and chocolate-y day ahead!

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