Do I Need Overseas Health Insurance?

by - Thursday, December 27, 2012

When you take a trip abroad, you will need overseas health insurance [http://www.travelinsurancedirect.com.au/overseas-travel-insurance]. Though many health procedures abroad are less expensive than health care in Westernized countries, you don’t want to take the risk of an unexpected health bill. This could cost thousands and severely affect your travel experience. Here are some primary reasons you should consider purchasing overseas health insurance:

1. Ensures Receipt of Quality Healthcare

If you are hurt in a country that cannot provide adequate care, medical evacuation insurance will ensure that you are transported to your home country to a hospital that can treat you. This process can be expensive. Many people feel safer traveling overseas because they know insurance will provide the cash necessary to evacuate them to their home country in the event of a disaster.

2. Covers Pre-Existing Conditions

Many overseas health insurances will cover pre-existing conditions. Many people who cannot get insurance coverage in their own home countries because of pre-existing conditions can obtain overseas health insurance. This insurance allows people who are sick to still enjoy the last days of their lives without being constrained because they cannot obtain health insurance. This same insurance policy may also cover political evacuation and evacuation because of terrorism.

3. Overseas Health Insurance is Available for International Students

Many educational institutions will not allow students to travel without overseas health insurance. These students must purchase it before they leave to ensure coverage during their travels. Parents feel safer when students are protected during their travels. Most students cannot afford health insurance even at affordable rates. Most insurance will cover every type of illness from a common cold to a chronic illness such as cancer or a heart attack.

4. International Business Insurance

Frequent business travellers may benefit from health insurance. Many business travellers may receive discounts for purchasing health insurance with ransom and kidnap insurance and high risk disability insurance. The amount covered will depend upon the policy type and the insurance company. Typically, business people can take unlimited trips within a 12 month period. Some insurance companies set a maximum number of days that a person can be covered in a single trip. For instance, one company sets this number to 70 days. During this 70 day period, patients may be treated in a hospital or office. Prescription drugs and surgical procedures may also be covered.

5. Coverage Days are Flexible

Students and business travellers can obtain travel insurance for short term and long term. Many insurance companies will sell a policy for as much as two years or as little as five days. Overseas health insurance companies are accommodating.

You Should Obtain Overseas Health Insurance

When asked if you should obtain overseas health insurance, the short answer is yes. Your primary health insurance coverage may not cover overseas travel. In this instance, overseas health insurance is recommended. 

Author Bio:
Jai Davies is a well-travelled doctor who often practices abroad. Jai has seen countless cases of people who haven't got overseas health insurance [http://www.travelinsurancedirect.com.au/overseas-travel-insurance]and paid the price.      

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