Ethernet Radios: A World of Audio With Just A Few Clicks

by - Wednesday, December 19, 2012

With a quick tapping on the keyboard, you oftentimes find yourself stumbling on something new to you.  It might be a new recipe, an interesting mobile app, an easy beauty regimen that you’ve never heard of before, a tempting shopping deal or promising Ethernet radios.

Speaking of which, going through a few facts about Ethernet radios builds a cloud of curiosity in my brain as it reminds me of my dad’s AutoCAD business back home.  With the quick and easy Ethernet access [http://business.comcast.com], my dad connects with his clients from around the globe, suppliers and his boss who is based in the US.

Going back to Ethernet radios, I found three Ethernet global stereo systems and speakers worth checking out.  Warning though… they don’t come with cheap price tags!


Available in white and orange, Radio Cubo is sold at $650 a pop at neimanmarcus.com.  It serves as an iPhone and iPod docking stations, features a clock radio, internet WiFi or Ethernet, comes with USB ports and a remote control.  It’s WiFi radio can connect to 12,000 radio stations from all over the world.

Tuner WiFi Radio

More impressive when it comes to its technical specs compared to RadioCubo, the Tuner WiFi Radio from gracedigitalaudio.com 
comes with a price tag of only $219.99.  It comes with a built-in Ethernet jack, SD Card/USB drive ports, and remote control.  It has a clock and date feature.  Choose between wake to buzzer or music and allows you to opt for daily or weekly alarm settings.  And get this… you can listen to more than 50,000 radio stations!  Cool, huh?

Pure Sensia Touch Screen DAB / FM / WiFi Radio / Red

Available at play.com for £149.98, this digital WiFi radio’s key features include a color touchscreen, input for iPod/MP3 players, 30 digital and 10 FM presets.  It has a sleep timer and radio alarm.  This toy comes fully loaded with Facebook, Twitter and weather report apps just to name a few.

If these three were the only Ethernet radio available in the market, which one will you happily take home?

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