Happy Feet: Loving My Converse Star Player Sneakers

by - Wednesday, December 19, 2012

She’s got it.  Yeah, baby she’s got it!  And I am talking about my Converse Star Player sneakers!  The pair has actually arrived a couple of weeks ago but due to a lot of scheduled posts to finish, I only find the time to squeeze in this short story today.  Well, at least… finally!  Yet, sorry for the delay but here we go!

Since it’s still winter, I can only wear them indoors at the moment and so I did!  They’re pretty precisely as shown on the web shop ads.  The 37½ size that my boyfriend has picked for me is perfect.  It’s more comfortable compared to my pink Converse Chuck Taylor Low Sneakers.  I wonder why.  They look good on me, too.  I heart ‘em a lot.  All thanks to Bebe for my new pair!  Got them in black, by the way.

Happy Feet with My Converse Star Player Shoes:

I am hoping and waiting for a Converse 'Tall X-Hi' Sneakers, the winter version.  Search results always end up with nothing whenever I Google for it.  Showing the classic version of rubber-toed Converse sneakers, the boot-cut style looks fab.  If only it’s designed for the cold white season, I’ll grab myself a pair at once.  Sigh.  Question is, will they ever make one?  Hope so.

The Converse Beverly Hi-Top Plimsoll Trainers looks gorgeous.  However, it’s not high enough to keep my feet and legs warm during the –10°C or colder weathers.  But it’s really pretty, I have to say.  Tempting for sure!  Hmmm…

How about you?  Do you love wearing sneakers?  If so, any particular brand you keep on purchasing for more?

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