How To Enhance Your Cup Size Effectively

by - Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Both men and women admire beautifully shaped ample sized bosom.  Body modifications are now becoming more common and less of a taboo, and are done in different ways for many different reasons such as to reshape drooping or sagging mammary due to sudden weight loss and aging causing the reduction of skin and ligament elasticity and fat reduction; breast involution happens after a mother weans from breastfeeding or does not breastfeed after giving birth.

In today's modern world, science has developed various remedies not only for health improvement reasons but for cosmetic purposes as well. There are basically two ways to enhance chest shape and size; it is either surgical or nonsurgical. Breast augmentation surgery is the most sophisticated way to reshape or enlarge but it is also the most invasive and expensive of options. The nonsurgical procedures are either done by taking in oral medication or pills and by topical application of enhancement creams.

By far enhancement creams are the most conservative and safest as compared to the other above mentioned procedures or remedies and even claims to be more effective than the pills.

Here are some tips on how to effectively use the cream to be applied few times a week.

1. Place the index finger, middle and ring finger on the nipple and stroke away gently.
2. Cup breasts and rotate them clockwise and then counterclockwise for several minutes.
3. Knead them as if kneading dough. This step may be interchanged with step two or the rotation.
4. Lastly, press them inward to compress.

Each manufacturer has specific instructions on the application. Take note of special recommendations and warning labels on each product before using. Take time to apply the cream for optimum absorption of the skin and not by the clothes to be worn afterwards.

It is also very important to note that each individual reacts differently to the same product. One product may work on other people and not to some people, so do not entirely rely on what your relative, friend or a beauty enthusiast has to say about the effects of a product or how long it took for the product to work on them.

While waiting on the bosom to blossom here are other remedies that could help enhance and achieve the physique of Venus!

  • Food rich in estrogen and high in proteolysis such as soy, barley, rice, papaya, milk and dairy products naturally help enhance cup size.
  • Exercise the chest or pectoralis muscle. The pectoralis muscle is located under the breasts. The more a muscle is exercised, the bigger it becomes.
  • Invest and wear a well-fitting bra. Find the correct bra size that means the correct band and cup size. Breasts tend to grow bigger, achieve better shape and do not sag with bras that give excellent support as compared to bras that have less support.
  • Patience is a virtue. Breast growth does not happen overnight. The breast cream [] proper nutritional intake and exercise all take time to show results. 

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