How to Match Your Healthy Skin with Great Colors

by - Thursday, December 27, 2012

You may be buying and wearing the most expensive make-up and wardrobe, but if you haven’t given thought to your skin over- and undertone, it’s going to be a miss. Certain colors next to certain skin colors can be disastrous. Before purchasing make-up or buying that next dress find out what your skin tone is.

Skin Tone

Sometimes it can be confusing determining skin tone. Asian women may have a yellow cast to their skin which they mistakenly assume means they are warmed tone. The overtone of the skin is not the same as the undertone. 

Overtone is essentially the outside color of your skin or the top epidermal layer whereas the undertone of skin is neutral, cool or warm. You could conceivably have warm undertones and ivory overtone or any combination of tones.

For example, a person has skin that appears yellow rather than pink so assumes she has a warm undertone [http://www.insideoutstyleblog.com/2009/10/discover-your-colours-skin-undertoneovertone-makeup.html]. However, when that person wears clothing that is supposedly flattering on warm toned people she looks like she has an advanced case of jaundice. This person has warm overtone but cool undertone, which means blues and other cool hues look better on her. 

On the other hand, women with pink skin assume they are cool, but they look hideous when wearing cool hues which make their skin scream RED. Warm colors tamp down their rosy complexion.

Consider Your Undertones

Look at the veins in your wrists while in natural light. Making a fist makes the veins more prominent and easier to see. Veins that are primarily blue indicate you are a cool tone. If the veins appear green, you are warm. Some people are neutral toned. Their veins are a mix of green and blue.

Another way to determine skin tone is by wiping your skin clean of makeup and pulling hair back away from the face. Place a pure, white towel around the shoulders. The fabric reflects the tone of your skin. If your skin appears bluish, you have cool undertones. If your skin looks yellow, your undertones are warm. It is best to do this test in natural light.  

Other Ways to Define Tone

Those individuals with red, yellow or golden hair and dark brown, green, hazel or amber eyes are generally warm toned. Their skin has an apricot or gold undertone. Those with ashy or drab hair or silver or dark hair having a blue tint to it coupled with black, cool brown, turquoise, gray-blue, light blue, blue-green or gray-green eyes often have rosy or pink skin undertones and are cool.  

Further criterion for determining if you have warm undertones include skin that appears yellowish or golden when in daylight; skin that tans without difficulty; you look best in gold jewelry and can see green veins in the wrist. This person looks finest in oranges, earth-toned clothing, yellows, browns, ecru and yellowish gray. This individual should avoid wearing pure white because it washes them out. Choose cream or off-white instead.  

The person possessing cool undertones is pink, rosy or red when in daylight and looks best in silver jewelry. Their skin burns easily and the veins in the wrist are blue.  This person should wear pink, red, blue and purple clothing because it’s flattering as is pure white.  

There are those possessing olive undertones. The skin actually has a hint of green or seems to be bronze when standing in daylight. This person does tan, but she burns first. The veins in the wrist are light green. The best colors for her are green, brown, beige, cream and orange, and the most flattering jewelry is copper or bronze. Those with olive skin should steer clean of pastels, black and white or any washed-out  color.
The neutral undertone person doesn’t appear yellow, olive or pink. There are no perceptible undertones. Her veins are a mixture of green and blue or plum. This individual can wear any color and all metals.

Various tones: Fair, Medium and Medium-Tan

Those with fair skin have pale skin. They burn up in the sun. The medium toned person tans and her skin is a medium shade. Those with medium-tan tone are obviously darker than the medium toned person and tan effortlessly without burning.

Face Make-Up

When choosing make-up, particularly foundation for your face, match it to your overtone so that it isn’t obvious.

Colors to Avoid

People of color should avoid dull and earthy tones and colors. Fair-skinned, sandy haired people should not wear black and white because it’s too harsh, but they look great in intense blues and greens, teals, khaki, red and peach.

According to Pantone commonly becoming colors [http://www.pantone.com/pages/fcr.aspx?pg=21005&ca=4&from=hpfeatures] include mellow rose (peach/light pink), eggplant, Indian teal and true red. These hues work with most complexions. Blue is an especially adaptable color.

Those with warm, dark complexions look good in neon colors while neutrals such as gray and navy are also quite versatile. However, if fair be careful about wearing a neutral palette because it can wash out your light complexion.

Regardless of the overtone or undertone of your skin, if it isn't in group shape you are not going to look your best. Consult with one of the skin care specialists you can find at http://www.lancerskincare.com/,  where anti-aging products and tips abound, to get your skin in tiptop condition. Your skin will thank you.

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