Mad Mimi, Newsletter Subscriptions and the Great Deals We Grabbed

by - Thursday, December 20, 2012

I used to disregard the importance of subscribing to emails from businesses thinking that signing up for their newsletters would only bomb my inbox with unnecessary e-flyers.  It was only when I started doing most of my shopping online [about two years ago] did I begin to appreciate the value of being an email subscriber.
Doing a quick math, shopping for this year’s holiday gifts for family and friends alone has saved us a lot of time and money.  Discounts and free shipping options have always been abundant from numerous popular retailers – definitely a big plus especially when having a fun time browsing and ordering items as noted on a number of wish lists.

I have to admit.  Well thought newsletter updates catches my attention first.  Although it doesn’t necessarily mean that the more impressive it is, the more I buy products and order services from them.  However, knowing that they put heart and effort to their company’s subscription update design definitely turns their simple advertisement into a powerful tool --- which is, getting directly the attention of consumers like me.  Did you know that when it comes to topics like this, Mad Mimi is an expert?  With a long list of satisfied customers all over the globe, when it comes to email marketing, without a doubt, Mad Mimi is simply one of the best.

For the first time in five years, Bebe and I have the luxury of time to sit back and relax a week before the much awaited day 24 and 25 of the month.  Since there’s no last-minute-stressful shopping to panic about [what a relief!] we have decided to treat ourselves.  Being shopaholics, the best way to do it is to get rid of guilt and spend some money on ourselves.  We deserve it!

So after taking my midnight snacks, I scrolled through my inbox messages and jackpot!  A pretty coupon discount of 11% to the total amount including a free shipping offer at eleven.se is flawless!  I got myself 2 L’oreal Voluminous Mascara, 4 tubes of MIYO Fresh face Fluid Foundation, 3 jars of Olay Anti-Wrinkle Nature Fusion Anti-Ageing Night Cream and 1 tube of Derma Intensive+ Q10 Nourishing Hand & Nail Cream.  And oh!  Because it’s my first time to make a purchase from them, I am also getting a goodie-bag!  Now that’s savings galore!
The boyfriend spoiled himself by purchasing his much awaited Star Wars: The Complete Saga Episodes I-VI on Blu-ray.  Him signing up for the newsletter resulted to a whopping 50% discount off the regular retail price, free shipping and another 50SEK [Swedish crowns] off his total purchase.  To take advantage of the grandiose deal he had, he decided to purchase a Wireless Microsoft® 400 Nordisk Keyboard and Mouse set for me!  Fantabulous, don’t you think?

How about you?  Do you subscribe to business emails?  If so, what tempting deals, offers and special promotions have you availed lately?

This is a sponsored post however, all the points and views are my own.

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