My 3-in-1 Heart Necklace by PILGRIM

by - Sunday, December 09, 2012

I received a private message from a friend’s friend on Facebook awhile back asking regarding the necklace I am wearing on the photo of this blog’s “The Author” corner [to your right, please].  I am so sorry if it has taken me weeks before finally finding time to write about it but then… here it goes!

It was my boyfriend who surprised me with a package sometime during the last quarter of 2010.  No occasion whatsoever.  When I opened it, this wonderful necklace by PILGRIM was the surprise.  Yes.  A necklace and not three.  well, it’s three different chains, three heart pendants in shades of green --- all tied as one.

Actually, I also got a PILGRIM watch that very same day but I think it’s better to blog about that another day.

My PILGRIM necklace:

I’ve learned that this necklace is included in the not-so-very-long PILGRIM’s Limited Edition jewelry list and that it has run out of stock within a short period of time.  Cool, huh?  I got one!

I just dropped by PILGRIM’s online web shop a few minutes ago and saw new gorgeous accessories with 10% to 20% off their price tags.  Wow!  I haven’t picked anything yet to throw in my shopping cart.  Hopefully, I’ll find something I can’t say no to soon!
Happy shopping fellow shop-a-holics!

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