Online Shopping: Thank You FedEx

by - Monday, December 17, 2012

I do my online shopping within the Swedish territory.  With no ugly experience when it comes to shipping and delivery, shopping within my comfort zone has always been my choice… until I one day spent time searching for that perfect holiday gift for Bebe. 

The three-hour long search ended in a popular online boutique located in the US.  I did not only think twice, but thrice or even more before finally completing the order sheet and paying for my purchase.  I kept my fingers crossed that the package would arrive at our doorstep after ten working days, as promised by the supplier.

On day number seven, I was so surprised to receive a call from a guy from FedEx.  The package was dropped three days earlier!  Way to go FedEx!  You’re awesome!

FedEx delivery from the US!  Two thumbs up!

I received the items in very good condition.  Everything was in tact and nothing was missing.  And have I mentioned that the shipping fee I’ve paid isn’t that expensive?  Tracking hasn’t been a problem, too.  A wonderful experience with FedEx, it was!

How about you?  Do you do a lot of shopping online?  Do you do your shopping worldwide or do you pick shops from your country?  Have you had any of your purchases delivered via FedEx?  If so, how was the experience?

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