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by - Thursday, December 06, 2012

Sure it's only December, but before you know it, prom season will be upon us! Hard to believe, but teens are already looking for just the right prom tux [http://www.savviprom.com/]  and dress to wear for this special night. So what are the latest trends in prom tuxedos for 2013? We have a few ideas that'll make your man look amazing this prom season without forking out a fortune.


Not earrings and necklace accents, but the manly and striking accessories that complete a tux. Consider unique cufflinks such as monogrammed silver or gold horseshoes, go with a cool theme that your teen is into. Also, tie pins are another eye catcher that will set your guy apart from all the rest. Logo and messages like “peace”, “love”, “laugh” are just a few hip touches.


Don't be afraid of the big, bold colors when deciding on vests and bowties! Reds, purples, patterns even plaids are H-O-T. Be unique and not too matchy with your date. If you are feeling even more daring, go for the powder blue or gray tuxedo. Gray is another top trend in tuxes this prom season.

One or Two Buttons

No more “button up” coats, go for Bond – keep it sleek and simple. Basic black, one or two button lapels that don't look coat like. Go for what fits you best as well! Your body type will determine what looks right on you – tip: steer clear of tails and top hats [they are OUT this year!]

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