So I Dyed My Hair For The First Time

by - Friday, December 28, 2012

A couple of weeks after I turned 34, I found myself craving for something I couldn’t really understand at first.  I stood in front of the mirror, gave myself a long stare and realized that I wanted to color my hair brown[ish].  That same day, I headed to the beauty shop downtown and picked a coloring set then walked back home in a hurry.

Coloring my hair – never did it before.  Because it was my first time ever, I spent enough time on YouTube watching tutorial videos and tips to make sure that I wasn’t going to make a huge mistake that I would regret for the rest of my life.

I carefully read the instruction leaflet that came with the hair coloring kit.  The procedure wasn’t that long and complicated.  After an hour – done!

Happy with my newly colored hair. 
At work with one of our beautiful bartenders, Johanna and the white Saint Nicholas.

The Hair Coloring Kit by Joanna:

Brown it is!  I heart!

In a week’s time, I am thinking of doing it again.  I will be dying my hair the second time around.  I will be using the same color and the same brand.  Fingers crossed, I’m gonna get a better result!

How about you?  Do you have your hair dyed?  If yes, do you do it occasionally or just once in a blue moon?  Do you do it at home by yourself, with the help of a friend or do you only let the experts in salons do the job for you?

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