Street Level Consumers Inform the 2013 Fashion Guide

by - Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Everyone out there waiting eagerly for the next fashion revolution can continue to hold their breath. 2013 looks set to be another year where existing styles undergo subtle refinement. The good news is that on the whole, current fashion is maintaining an altogether tasteful and hip aesthetic. Indeed a new focus on direct consumer feedback means that fashion is more in step with popular culture than ever before. While the fashion guide each year may hold fewer surprises, it will tend to more directly reflect the taste-of-the-moment.

A Shift in the Industry

It remains true that fashion trends generally start in the cities at big fashion houses. From there they disseminate to the rest of the population. The big difference in recent years is that there is now a much greater give and take between the public and the fashion industry. Instead of being dictated to, public opinion on the street is taking a more active role in deciding the fashions of the moment. All of this is basically due to the fact that big fashion retailers have started seeking out and listening to the opinions of their customers.

In the old days, fashion brands would release a new line of clothing each season which was then consumed by the public all at once. Currently, the big clothing stores release micro-trends, or small adaptations of their clothes every few weeks. They decide these trends by pouring over customer satisfaction data, and then basically giving the people what they want.


Never has there been such a fluid back and forth between customer and producer. The effect is that fashion trends evolve much more organically, and allow current street-level pop culture direct access to the fashion mainstream. This is why we haven't seen a huge shift from one style to the next in recent years. Instead, sub-genres are constantly adding something to the current clothing lines. Current fashions are based less on the catwalk than they are on Broadway.

Making Predictions

Ironically, this shift in thinking has made it easier to predict new trends because the transition is a smoother line. 2012 saw a development of the metrosexual look into something a little more edgy. While glasses and your inner nerd are still cool, women are allowed to show curves again, and men can be gruff again. Expect to see jeans that remain slim, but allow for a bit more masculinity/femininity.

As trends more organically adopt the little cultural cues that constantly spring up, there is more choice for people to express their quirky individuality within the style of the moment. Ironic t-shirts will remain popular as well as retro-throwbacks like converse and denim jackets. These touches act as a personal cultural expression worn within the modern framework. More now than ever, we are members of the pop culture generation. For now, the days of seasonal fashion trends are over. Instead we are active participants in a constantly flowing fashion show, adding our own personal touches as we go along.

Clarissa has been writing tips about fashion and beauty for many years. She has various articles that help women in grooming themselves with the latest fashion trends and style [http://www.fashionglamour.com/category/styledaily/] . Her inspiration comes from her love for fashion and experimental lifestyle. Through writing, she shares her experiences and feelings regarding latest fashion news in the market. Follow Clarissa Seaton [https://plus.google.com/108056658857273674819?rel=author]  on Google+.

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