There’s Always a Pair of Boots

by - Saturday, December 15, 2012

The Modern Family’s latest episode, Diamond in the Rough, might not be the most hilarious episode of the tv show’s history but it’s definitely spot on!  I am not feeling so well and I am feeling a bit down and Modern Family’s Episode 10 of Season 4 has given me a lot of reasons to smile and laugh my heart out.

If you’ve seen it, then you’ll surely remember the line:

Claire: … and also, there’s this pair of boots.
Cam: there’s always a pair of boots.
Uh-oh… guilty!

Speaking of boots, I found these three gorgeous pairs on the internet.  Want one?  Take note, they’re all on sale!

Lumiani platform boots
From $99.00 down to $69.99 at zappos.com
Sandra Dee Ankle Bootie
From $98.95 down to $79.99 at bakersshoes.com
Dare Me Sweater Boots
From $99.00 down to $89.99 at bakersshoes.com

I am guessing Claire would want to buy all three pairs!

I am quite disappointed though.  Why is Alex nowhere to be found?  Could it be that Phil and Claire sent Alex to a teen summer camp somewhere [http://teensummercamps.com/, for example].  Then again, it’s too early for that.  So where is she?  I sure hope she returns on episode 10!  Can’t wait!

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