Time to Add On Some Diamonds to Your Engagement Ring

by - Thursday, December 27, 2012

It’s been a ‘few’ years since your husband proposed and presented you with an engagement ring. The ring is beautiful and fills you with joy every day you catch a glimpse of it but, to be honest, you would like to upgrade it. It’s time to add some diamonds to your ring so it becomes the unique diamond engagement rings you have always dreamt of having.

Yes, you can add more diamonds or switch out existing stones for something else. The ring becomes bigger, and is reflective of the long-term relationship between the couple. What once involved two people has grown into a family of five, plus two dogs and a cat.

The ring, as much sentimental value as it has, reminds you of the 22-year-old fresh-faced co-ed who no longer exists. You have morphed into a powerful 37-year-old adult woman, and your engagement ring no longer mirrors your personality. The diamond may have seemed enormous and perfect when presented to you 15 years ago, but now it doesn’t seem as robust. You would prefer something larger. In fact, if you had your druthers, you would prefer a platinum setting instead of gold and a pear-shaped cut rather than a princess cut.  

Or it may be you have come to appreciate items passed down from generation and generation and would prefer an heirloom look rather than the contemporary style of your ring. Additionally, you would really, really like more bling and more twinkle, which translates into more stones.

Engagement Ring Add-Ons

It is time to look for engagement ring add-ons. Solitaire diamond settings can easily accommodate the addition of more diamonds or colored gemstones, which can be added around the existing diamond. Ask a trusted jeweler if the current diamond can be swapped out with a different (bigger and shinier) diamond. This doesn’t have to be a complicated process. The prong setting will be adjusted to house the new stone. Some women opt to buy another ring and have it merged with their current ring. This is certainly an option.

Go to a jewelry store or study rings online and decide what strikes your fancy. Look at the stones and the various shapes they come in, the setting style, the color of the metal and the bands themselves, including width and embellishments. 

Popular Styles

Styles you may want to consider achieving include the classic single stone (solitaire) which may be what you prefer. It is the topmost style when it comes to engagement rings. Another popular choice is the halo center stone ring. The ring surrounds the distinctive stone in a radiant circle of halo of diamonds which creates more burnish and shimmer. Perhaps your existing ring can be turned into a halo style.  

Some engagement rings feature three stones, including a center stone emphasized by two slighter side stones. This style is referred to as trilogy or trinity rings. The stones represent the past, present and future. Perhaps you can transform your ring into this style.

Changing up your engagement can be done. The new ring reflects the more mature you. Your original ring has evolved just as you have.  

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