Tips to Teach Your Son to Shave

by - Monday, December 03, 2012

When manhood approaches, it brings chores with it that a man has to take care of on a regular basis. Shaving is one of them.

There comes a time when a young man has to go ahead and take the step to shave off his facial hair.  It’s when the parent decides to teach his child the ins and outs of a task that he’s to carry out on his own. It’s when you instruct your son on one of the most important parts of male grooming [http://www.theartofshaving.com/grooming-and-skincare-grooming-accessories/grooming-and-skincare-grooming-accessories,default,sc.html].

While a father can suggest his son on shaving, the decision lies with him. In the following article we look into how a father and son can bond over the simple act of shaving.

Go the Traditional Way

Understand that even though electric shavers [http://www.wikihow.com/Shave-With-an-Electric-Shaver] are an easy choice, they’re not always available. And they don’t give a close shave every time. This is why it’s the best to show your son how to do it the proper, traditional way.

Take a Proper Start

The first step towards teaching your son the art of shaving is to have him practice with a simple cover on the blade. Make sure you work through the complete procedure. Right from washing the face to lathering up the soap.

Get the Strokes Right

Don’t confuse him by making him use long strokes - begin with the short ones first. Why? Because by using short strokes, he will less likely experience cuts. Ask him to be careful with the strokes and do them slowly. Make sure each stroke “overlaps” the other one. Do this until he gets done shaving the entire face. While he’s shaving, see to it that he uses enough water to rinse out the razor.  When done with shave, have him relax his face with a warm towel.

Have Him Go Solo

When you’ve prepared him for going solo, a day will come when he actually does it on his own. Ensure that he’s not doing in a hurry and give him a good, quality straight razor to work with. Something that will help him get a smooth shave and less chances of getting cut. It should take some time for him to get accustomed to the new activity, but he will get used to it in due time.


It’s your son’s decision as to when he starts to shave, you can’t force it on him. But once he takes that start, he will continue for a long, long time.

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