Top Makeup Tips: How to Look your Best this Christmas

by - Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Whether you’re spending Christmas Day with your family, or are going out with friends, you’ll want to look your best on the 25th December – as well as at all the parties taking place at this time of year. Of course, it can be hard to look fresh-faced after one too many drinks or multiple nights out, but there are ways to keep your appearance in tact.

Disguise your bad bits

Everything from breast enlargement surgery [http://www.transforminglives.co.uk/breast-enlargement.html] to nose jobs can improve the way you look [http://www.transforminglives.co.uk/nose-surgery.html], but sometimes a little makeup can work wonders. If you have a long hooter, for instance, make it look smaller by applying a dab of concealer on the end. Simply choose a colour that’s darker than your skin tone and hey presto, you’ll take the attention away from your bad bits.

Find the right foundation

If you have a slightly wrinkled complexion, it’s a good idea to use liquid foundation to improve your appearance. Powder tends to settle in the lines and creases on your face, so always look for a product that will provide a decent coverage[http://www.justmakeupartists.com/articles/choosing-foundation], but won’t make your skin look older than it is. If you have particularly oily skin, choose something that’s non-greasy, as this won’t add shine.

Less is more when covering spots

Waking up to a spotty complexion is never pleasant, but on the day of a big event it can seem even worse. If this does happen, however, try not to panic and instead cleanse your face and leave your skin to breathe for as long as possible. When it’s time to have dinner or go out, mix a little concealer with moisturiser and use it to hide your imperfections. Do not pile on the cover-up though, as this could make things look worse.

Suck in your cheeks when applying blusher

The purpose of blusher is to add definition to your face and leave you with a healthy glow. To help you apply it to the right place, suck in your cheeks and brush a light colour across your cheekbones towards the outside corner of each eye. This should give you a natural-looking flush, without making you look too rosy. Once that’s done, get hold of a slightly smaller brush and dip it into a darker colour. Spread this below your cheekbones to accentuate the contours of your face before using your fingers to blend.

Christmas is rapidly approaching, so whip out your makeup bag and get experimenting.

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