Touchscreen Winter Gloves – Because My Fingers Deserve ‘Em!

by - Sunday, December 02, 2012

It takes place more frequently than expected.  Your mobile phone rings while you’re on-the-go.  It’s okay.  Absolutely.  We of course avail of these gadgets so our family and friends can keep in contact with us and vice versa anytime, anywhere.  Truly an advantage.  However, it’s definitely uncool, for example, when you receive an SMS or when it rings during a very snowy day while you’re on your way to work.

It happened the other day.  I was struggling to get to work.  Snow fall was heavy.  Breeze was strong.  Temperature was at -8°C.  Slippery unplowed roads.  SMS received.  Since it might be something very important [which it was], I reached into my pocket and well, needed to take off one of my winter gloves in order to reply.  My fingers were freezing.  I typed as fast as I could then put on my glove and head on to work.

A pair of touchscreen winter gloves is something I am gonna purchase real soon.  My fingers are going to be so overjoyed!  They deserve to be happy, yah’ know!

Touchscreen Winter Gloves:

Grandoe glove
$34 at fashion.ebay.com

$58 at cwonder.com

Silver glove
$38 at modcloth.com

I so love the Grandoe and Silver Gloves.  Gorgeous shades with pretty details.  With any of these two, I can type and swipe without getting my fingers frozen.
Oh wait.  My brother-in-law gave me a pair of touchscreen winter gloves last Christmas!  I can’t remember though where I placed them.  Silly me!
Happy winter one and all!

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