4 Ways To Pep Up Your Winter Outfits With Accessories!

by - Wednesday, January 23, 2013

It’s about time we came clean; we’re shopaholics. There’s nothing like a new outfit to make us feel pretty, confident… and absolutely broke.

It’s easy to develop a short-attention span, when it comes to your wardrobe; especially when commercials are bombarding us with temptation throughout the day. BUY THIS AND YOU WILL BECOME INSTANTLY BEAUTIFUL AND FIND THE MAN OF YOUR DREAMS… that’s roughly how it goes, right?

Some days we are more susceptible to persuasion than others. On those low days, there seems to be an empty space that only a new outfit can fill. An hour later we’re strolling home, arms heavy with shopping bags and financial worries. 

Have you made it your New Year’s resolution to spend less on the latest fashion? Get out of the indulgence/guilt cycle by giving your old favourites a new lease of life. And how do you do that? With accessories!

Accessorise To The Max

We all know that the right accessories can make or break an outfit, but sometimes we fail to see how a box of adornments can completely revolutionise boring, old clothes. We’re missing a trick here - accessories come at rock-bottom prices and can dress up (or down) anything in your wardrobe.

With a large enough arsenal at your disposal, it’ll seem like you never wear the same outfit twice, so you’ll never get bored of your clobber.

On A Budget

You can find a range of stylish accessories in some unexpected places. Charity shops, for example, stock all sorts of vintage gems, from brooches to scarves. Think of it as a treasure hunt: you have to sift through the junk to get to the unique pieces that just aren’t available in high street shops.

You could pick up a fantastic waist belt for loose change. Belts are a fantastic way to give your outfits body, shape, and definition, so you really can’t bypass them as an accessory – you don’t have a waist? My goodness, the right belt will give you one!

Splashes Of Colour

We love black: slimming and flattering for everyone, the LBD is famous for a reason. We can always overdo the black though, so it’s important that we introduce splashes of colour to avoid looking like we’re going into mourning. A red lip works fantastic, but so do some colourful accessories. Jazzy beads are a great way to add some oomph to your outfit.

Less Is More

Although accessories are a must, avoid over-adorning, otherwise you’ll look like the junk lady out of Labyrinth. Have one statement, focal piece, and then if you must accessorise more, keep the rest exceptionally simple and tasteful. It’s alright to attract attention to your neckline with a stunning necklace, but stop there; otherwise no-one will know where to look.

Are you proud of a specific area of your body? Accentuate it by accessorising. Blue eyed beauties can draw attention to their irises with adornments of a similar colour: hairpieces, necklaces, and earrings can make everyone focus right where you want them to and ignore any ‘problem areas’ you might have. 

This guest post has been contributed today by Zoe, a British freelance writer and fashion blogger. She has produced this post in collaboration with http://www.pearlandbutler.com.

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