A Chef and a Pharmacist. Yes, I Am!

by - Tuesday, January 08, 2013

If you spend a little time to take a look at this blog’s author corner [that’s to your right, please] and ta-dah!  Yours truly is a chef and a pharmacist all rolled into one.  I got my bachelor’s degree in Pharmacy in March of 2000.  As I recall my university years in the Philippines, my course colleagues and I needed to endure the four long years of hard work, sleepless nights, immense quiz and exam days, challenging lab days, tough internship programs during our summer months and Christmas breaks and pass the final thesis project.
Oh no.  Just to make things clear, enrolling in a pharmacy degree whether online or offline [http://spahp.creighton.edu/admission/pharmacy/pharmd-doctor-pharmacy-program] isn’t that bad as it sounds.  Although it’s a demanding and strenuous course to take, it’s really interesting and fun!  Imagine studying drug properties and MoA [mechanisms of actions], analyzing interactions of chemical substances in living systems, learning adverse effects of chemicals on living matters and more… many many more.  The coolest thing is, you get to experience all these with other cool future pharmacists!
A couple of weeks after graduating, I started working as a hospital pharmacist in one of the most reputable medical institutions in the nearby city from where I grew up.  The job experience was superb.  Exhausting long extended work shifts but superb!  Two years later, I resigned to go back to the city where I spent most of my life’s years in where a good job position was waiting for me to fill in.  A week after my return, I was back to work – as a pharmacy manager in one of the branches of the city’s popular drugstore chain.  As a pharmacist-in-charge with mountains of responsibilities and duties to work out, I performed really well [according to my superiors].

… then came 2007 …

when I migrated to Sweden where my life made a 360 degree turnaround.  With loads of options to take, I decided to try another career.  Not knowing how to cook [oops!], I closed my eyes, challenged myself even further and enrolled in an 10 month intensive culinary course.  With hard work, perseverance and a positive attitude, I got accepted along with my other 11 classmates.  The good thing was, I got a full scholarship.  Awesome, it was!  One day after graduating from culinary school, I received a call from who is now my head chef.  I’ve been working in the big kitchen since the third week of May last year up to the present. 
In a couple of years’ time, I am planning on furthering my pharmacy studies here in Sweden while working part-time as a chef.  I love my current job and yet I have difficulties about letting go of my druggist side of life.  If I pull through, I’ll be the happiest chef-pharmacist there is in this entire universe!

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