A Shaving Kit and His Favorite Perfume – the Perfect Birthday Gift!

by - Saturday, January 05, 2013

Two months and four days from today, my ever supportive and loving boyfriend is about to celebrate his 37th birthday.  Aside from baking him his favorite cake [white chocolate cheesecake] and cooking his favorite dinner [a thick slice of oven roasted beef tenderloin, potato skins and homemade béarnaise sauce], I am also in search of a nice gift for the birthday boy.

A week ago, I spent three straight hours Googling for gift ideas that could help me fix my dilemma.  I ended up with quite a long list of suggestions.  Weighing the pros and cons and making sure that the gift will not kill my budget, I started scratching off one item after the other.  In the end, the two items that were left were my boyfriend’s favorite spray perfume and something to completes his grooming and hygiene routine every week, a shaving kit [http://www.theartofshaving.com/kits-and-gifts/kits-and-gifts,default,sc.html].

Since I couldn’t decide which to pick between the two, I came up with the conclusion of getting him both instead.  Problem – solved!

My boyfriend’s favorite perfume: Acqua di Gio by Giorgio Armani:

My boyfriend has a battery powered shaver.  Oh wait.  In fact, he has two!  An old one which he bought on eBay four years ago and a set-of-two that he received as a Christmas present in 2010 from his best friend.  Because I notice that he chooses a manual safety razor sometimes when shaving plus he’s definitely running out of his aftershave lotion, I might as well get him this promising shaving kit:
The kit includes a bottle of pre-shave gel, a bottle of shaving cream, a bottle of after shave lotion, a shaving brush and a razor [can be used with or without the battery].  I am not so sure yet which scent to purchase.  However, after reading reviews, comments, ratings and user recommendations on the internet, the Ocean Kelp collection might be the perfect choice for my boyfriend.  Men who’ve tried the product claim that the Ocean Kelp collection smells good, softens skin and improves shaving.  We’ll see if these will also be the words of my Bebe by the time he tries it!

How about you?  What gift will you give your man this year on his birthday?  Will it be an iPad, a new mobile phone, his favorite DVD collection, a bottle of perfume or a shaving kit?

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post however, all the points and views are my own.

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