Celebrity Hairstyles That I so Want to Try

by - Thursday, January 10, 2013

If you had the chance to read some of my beauty, makeup and hairstyle blog posts, after a post or two you already perhaps understood that I always try to be on the safer side.  No bold makeup and no super-effort hairstyles.  Reasons why up to today, I still have this love-hate relationship with makeups and when it comes to styling my hair, I usually stick to ponytails.  Not moving forward, am I?

Well then, another year, another chance to be a little braver.  Since I obviously have a lot to learn when it comes to applying makeup, I’ll start on focusing on hairstyle matters first since it seems to be easier to improve on.

Thankful to the power of the internet as always, here are three celebrity hairstyles that I so want to try:

1.] Kate Beckinsale

The dramatic look without the muss and the fuss.  The style is so straight forward, simple and sleek and yet I wonder why I haven’t tried this one yet… ever!

Photo credit: redbookmag.com


2.] Ashley Judd

A ponytail?  Again?  Yes, it is!  But Ashley Judd’s style is definitely way sexier than mine!  Side ponytail plus side bangs going on the opposite direction – lovely!

Photo credit: redbookmag.com

3.] Nicole Kidman

A side-braid hairstyle isn’t that difficult to do and Nicole Kidman wears it just right.  I might not be the pretty super popular Nicole but I would sure love to try this relaxed look.

Photo credit: lhj.com

There you go, my three hairstyles-to-try.  Will certainly give the second and third ideas a go soon without problems.  The first one, it’s quite a challenge since I need to have my hair cut to get the Kate Beckinsale bangs.

How about you?  How’s your hairstyle at the moment?  Love it or would you want to try something new?  Where do you get hairstyle ideas?  Magazines?  TV and TV ads?  Movies?

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