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by - Friday, January 04, 2013

Many people cling to particular rules when it comes to dressing modestly.  May it be due to religion, beliefs, upbringing or trend, modest dresses do not need to be boring and dull.

Growing up, I was taught to dress modestly.  With a little imagination and a little extra effort, modest dresses can look hip, chic and stylish.

With the return of 1940s and 1950s rockabilly apparel, long maxi dresses, layered trends and beautiful vintage coats [just to name a few], modest fashion is definitely in, all the time.

If you have seen at least an episode of Criminal Minds, you’ll definitely find Kirsten Vangsness’ [Penelope Garcia] rockabilly taste on clothing admirable.  It’s modest clothing with a touch of cuteness and charm without the need of showing a lot of flesh:
Photo credit: IMDb.com
With a wide array of selection regarding modest clothes, perhaps my favorites are those that belong to the “sweaters” category.  Living in a cold country, I’ve learned to appreciate the value of these beautiful clothing pieces.  And yes.  I do have a lot of them in my closet and counting!

If LDS Sister Missionary Clothes [http://www.sistermissionaryfashion.com/ldssistermissionaryclothing.aspx] are what you are in search for, take a look at these gorgeous coats:
From left to right:
a.] Vintage Girl Coat-Dusty Cedar – $49.99
b.] Beauty Blazer – Pewter – $49.99
c.] Classic Cord Coat – Chocolate Truffle – $49.99
My favorite among the three?  The first one, definitely!
Oh.  Have you seen Megan Fox in a very stylish but still modest inspired dress?  She really pulled this through!
Photo credit: projectinspired.com

Megan is lovely.  The dress and shoes are lovely.  Her style during this Golden Globe Awards is spot on when it comes to giving the lovely definition to modest clothing without the need to look boring.  She’s stunning, isn’t she?

In my own opinion, there is of course nothing wrong with wearing sexy dresses sometimes but make sure that it’s appropriate to the occasion, timely, right for the weather and that you’ve made sure that you will not end up looking awfully cheap like Kristen Stewart on this photo:
Photo credit: projectinspired.com

Kristen really needs a total makeover, doesn’t she?  It’s jaw dropping uncool.  Don’t get me wrong.  I love Kristen on Twilight [only have seen the first one though] but this dress is a sure No No on my chic list.

How about you?  Do you dress modestly all the time or it depends on the occasion?  Whenever you opt for dressing modestly, do you mix and match, add colors and a few twists to make it look more interesting?

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post however, all the points and views are my own.

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