How To Prepare For Spring

by - Thursday, January 31, 2013

During winter we’re all guilty letting our hair down and relaxing a little more than usual. The long dark nights make it all too tempting to cosy up on the sofa and watch TV and slob out, rather than doing anything productive.

All too often spring creeps up on us and takes us by surprise. You may find that you haven’t completed any of the things you promised yourself you’d have done before the warmer weather arrives. So, to give you a little guidance and motivation, below is a list on how to prepare for spring.


With persistent rain, snow and damp weather it’s easy to bring dirt into the house, especially if you’ve got kids running around. If this has been the case then begin with a good deep clean of your carpets to get them looking fresh for the spring season.

Another thing that happens during Christmas is the build-up of clutter. Many of us receive gifts that make old items obsolete, yet we still cling on to these old items for sentimental value. You can free up space and tidy at the same time by throwing away [or donating] your old gadgets or unwanted gifts.

Buy New Clothes

Soon the time will be upon us where we don’t need to wear big duffle coats and gloves. Be sure you’re prepared for the warmer weather by purchasing thinner jackets, jumpers and maybe even some t-shirts ahead of spring. If you buy early you can usually find seasonal clothing cheaper, so you’ll save money too!

And again, if you have too many old clothes lying around then consider throwing them out or donating them to a charity shop.

Decorate The House

There’s the old saying “New Year, New You”. The same can apply to your house. Maybe you’re tired of the same old décor you’ve had for the last few years? Why not try decorating? A nice fresh lick of paint and the re-arranging of furniture can breathe a new lease of life into your home. Traditionally spring is seen as a period of change and re-birth, so re-decorating your house can be an excellent way to help enforce positive change in your home-life.

Prepare The Garden

If you have decking in your garden then chances are you’ll want it looking at its best. Freshen it up with some decking paint or wood stain. Then you can enjoy a pristine looking deck for the whole of spring and summer, making it the perfect area for outdoor parties, or simply for relaxing in the sun.

The rest of your garden has probably been neglected during the winter, but soon it will be ready to spring back to life as the shoots start coming from the ground and buds begin to blossom on the trees. Get your garden ready by removing any weeds to allow your favourite plants to grow. You may even want to head to your local garden centre to buy some bulbs ready for planting ahead of the warmer weather. 

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