My New Winter Boots by ICU

by - Thursday, January 17, 2013

Shopping for shoes is something I enjoy doing.  Well, that’s aside from purchasing bags and clothes.  However, I rarely get myself new pairs of winter boots.  Since 2007, I have been contended with my two pairs.  One pair in black, the other in brown.  Somehow, these two are enough to keep my feet warm during the long very cold Swedish winter months.

However, while doing an unscheduled window shopping downtown a week back, my eyes got glued on this pair of winter boots by ICU in dark brownish yellow.  The style plus the color really captured my attention [and heart].  I think it was love at first sight and yet, I decided to go home that day without the shoes – not the typical me!

After two days of contemplating, I head back to the shoe shop.  This time, without thinking twice, I ordered for my size, tried them on and they were perfect!  It was on sale, too.  25% off its regular price tag!  Woot woot!  Better news for me.  Happiness overload.  Oh yeah!

My new pair of winter boots by ICU:

These boots are made for walking!  So comfy!

These boots are not only pretty.  They’re also surprisingly light.  It keeps my feet and toes toasted even if I walk on ice and snow for a long time.  The insoles are soft and it seems like the manufacturers are true to their word about it being water resistant.  All in all, this buy is a two thumbs up for me.  No regrets whatsoever.  And to be honest, if it’s also available in black, I’ll definitely grab a pair, too!

How about you?  Is it winter to where you are now?  If so, how many pairs of winter boots do you have in your possession at the moment?  How often do you buy yourself pairs of winter footwear?

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