On Getting Fit: Because Strong is the New Skinny

by - Thursday, January 24, 2013

I miss going to the gym.  I know what you’re thinking and oh no.  My aim is not to lose weight at all.  I am happy with my figure and weight has never been an issue.  I simply want to tone up my body [my stomach – top priority!], be healthier, get fit and be stronger.  As they say, strong is the new skinny and I definitely want to be “in”, don’t you?

I miss lifting weights, doing sit-ups, doing aerobics, stretching and performing my daily cardio exercises.  Checking my options, I have come to learn that there are a couple of highly recommended fitness studios downtown.  With tons of training programs, first-rate exercise machines and certified skilled fitness instructors, it’s definitely tempting to get back to the gym!

Oh.  There is this one thing that I have always dreamed of doing --- yoga!  A number of my friends are into it and have seen loads of celebrities getting hooked on yoga.  I might as well give it a try!  There’s no harm in trying.  I might like it, for all I know.  Plus, I don’t need to order wholesale yoga supplies [http://www.yogadirect.com/].  One yoga block, one yoga mat, one yoga ball and one yoga bag are all I need to get started.

How about you?  Do you go to the gym?  If so, is your aim to lose weight, get fit, be  healthier, become stronger or all of the above?

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