Our Hotel’s A la Carte and Sports Bar Menus

by - Saturday, January 05, 2013

Working in the restaurant and hotel business for six months now have helped me realized how a much I can multitask.  I’ve learned a lot from my patient mentors back when I was still an intern.  My mentors who are now my teammates continue to inspire me to do better.

I can still remember my first week at work.  I was introduced to the hotel’s restaurant menu as well as its sports bar menu.  With two very different dining areas [a la carte on the second floor, sports bar on the ground floor] and just one kitchen, getting used to the ingredients, the pace, timing and the menu itself had been strenuous.  But as said, with my three senior chefs’ willingness to help me build my confidence, after a couple of weeks, I could already do my job well.

There are so many styles and approaches when it comes to menu covers [http://www.greatmenucovers.com/].  Everything depends on the type of dining/restaurant.  For example, below is our hotel’s restaurant a la carte [Statt Restaurant & Bar] menu cover:
The hotel management has decided to stick to a minimal design which is I believe is a clever idea.  Everything is simple and neat.  With colors gold, black and white, the menu looks aristocratic and elegant.

For the sports bar, O’Learys, I forgot to take a picture of our menu cover [sorry] but here’s what I can assure you, it’s really colorful, very attractive and each page comes with photos.  Here’s page two anyway:
Because it’s designed for the hotel’s sports bar, the menu is made to look attractive, lively and entertaining.  The colors and photos give life to the menu.

Here’s one cool fact, our sports bar also has another menu for the kids, each comes with a coloring book, a pencil and a set of crayons to keep kids busy.  Smart, huh?  And yes.  They can bring with them home he coloring book, pencil and crayons if they want to.

We have our menus updated once every three months.  Some dishes need to go and get replaced with recipes that are perfect for the season.  The menu covers don’t change though.  The covers are our company’s trademarks so we love to keep ‘em that way.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post however, all the points and views are my own.

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