Public Health Professionals–Making this World a Better Place

by - Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Just like many of you, I try to multitask.  With so much to do within the 24-hour period especially during weekdays, working on two separate goals at the same time somehow makes me feel better.
Speaking of which, while coming home from work three nights ago, I decided to take my couch spot to spend an hour to relax my tired feet and back.  While my boyfriend was busy fixing dinner, I checked my e-mail, surfed the internet, and with the busy week I wasn’t able to do some real shopping I also managed to squeezed in shopping online while enjoying my cup of caffe latte and watching telly.
With longer tv commercial minutes combined compared to the tv program that was on that night, I simply couldn’t care less on what was really on.  However, tv ads about reaching out to adults, kids and babies with poor health, sanitation, hygiene and wellness are just too difficult to ignore.  One can help by donating a certain amount or goods to charities, organizations and mission groups but don’t you sometimes wish that you could do more?
Doctors, nurses, dietitians and volunteers for example are sharing their ideas, energy,time and work together to help address current global health issues.
If in case you want to make a difference and help in improving lives, enhancing health care, raising awareness, educating communities about hygiene and sharing your scientific knowledge in controlling infectious disease then you might as well look for a master of public health degree in your area [http://onlinedegrees-benedictine.com/public-health/master-of-public-health.asp].  With the rapid advancement of technology, there are now available courses online and offline to which you can even choose to study part-time or full-time.  If you’re even up for the challenge, you can try applying for scholarship programs.  Whether you get the scholarship or shoulder the expenses yourself, you are on your way to becoming one of the public health professionals who will help in creating this world a better place.

Save a Child - Become a Hero - Make a Difference - Save the Children Youtube Video:

How about you? What’s your part in making this world a better place?

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