Saving Up for those Big Important Fashion Spends

by - Thursday, January 17, 2013

We all love changing our wardrobe, new fashion items come out and we want to be the first in line to try them on and see what all our friends think without having to wait for the summer sales. However this is not something we can do in these harsh financial times. So what can we do to tackle the high-street prices and still walk away with designer clothes and some change in our pockets?

Look for bargains elsewhere:

Recently fashion giants Vogue posted an article in their news sections entitled 100 Bargains Under £50 Pounds here for 100 days they showcased great deals from a variety of designers. This just goes to show that the first place to look around is the internet. Often designers will have better offers online to promote their new range.
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Make some money with your old clothes:

If you are someone who changes outfits every time a new fashion range comes out you are going to have a lot of spare shoes, dresses, shirts and even socks you don’t use any more. You need to find a way to monetize this. The lower quality clothes can be sold off to those shops that buy clothes for the homeless; here you can get rid of stuff you aren’t going to sell otherwise, they usually pay by the kilogram so make sure to get all your heavy stuff in like shoes and large coats. The rest can be sold to second hand stores and pawn shops. Even your friends might be interested if you set up a yard sale!

Over the internet:

Not everyone knows this, but there are hundreds of people making real money like this for new clothes. Internet second hand shops like EBay are becoming ever more flooded with second hand goods at a reduced price. You may not get what you paid for it originally, but if it has a designer brand you might get more than you expect towards your new purchases.

Although you will have to spend more than you will earn from these techniques, they will help you make up the difference and it won’t be so expensive to buy your new line of clothes.

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