Subscription Bill Contracts – Renewed!

by - Saturday, January 05, 2013

It’s the first week of the new year and in a two weeks, Ovah Coffee’s celebrating its 4th anniversary.  Four years and still going strong!  Time flies and does not wait for anyone indeed!  I haven’t yet thought of what giveaway for the upcoming anniversary to share to my dear readers, Facebook fans, Twitter followers and subscribers.  I sure hope to come up with a great anniversary event soon!

Speaking of subscribers, my boyfriend and I have just recently renewed a number of our subscription billing contracts.  Internet banking together with the advancement of billing system software these days makes life easier.

While some get their monthly bills via regular mail and then opt for paying them either by going to the bank or paying through internet banking, my boyfriend and I prefer to skip the paper bills.  We have our subscription bills sent directly to our banks where we can easily sort them, file them into different folders, schedule payment dates and send payments in a few clicks of the mouse and by entering some codes.  It’s very hassle free!
Of course, e-bills come complete with details.  You can print them out too if needed!  Another plus about e-subscription bills is that a month before the contract ends, you’ll get notified and asked if you are still willing to continue with the service.  Really handy, isn’t it?

So what are the subscription bill contracts that I’ve signed up a few days ago?

First is my magazine subscription for six months.  I just can’t let go of the famous fashion mag, Cosmopolitan so I have the subscription renewed!  Kudos to that!

Second, which is absolutely more important than Cosmopolitan is my renewal contract with my mobile phone and network provider.  With a great deal of free domestic phone calls and of up to 3,000 free SMS worldwide [Yes, worldwide!], I just can’t say no to its monthly plan.  Renewed for another year!  I might get a new phone in a few months time but will definitely stay with my present awesome mobile plan.

Okay.  These are the only two bills I pay each month.  The rest are shouldered by Bebe.  *wink* 

How about you?  What subscription bill contracts have you recently signed up for?  Are they monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly or just every six months?

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