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by - Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Whether you are a startup business or have been in business for a while, promoting your business is vital in getting your brand noticed on the market. There are various methods that you can use to grow your traffic and increase sales. It is important that businesses set aside some funds for hiring an advertising agency.

Here are 5 ways to promote your business:

1. Hire an advertising agency to start an ad campaign for you. They will work with you on the layout, the ads, the product, and discuss your target market. It is important that you hire a company that is affordable and gets the job on time. Before you sign a contract with an ad agency, make sure you check out their credentials and speak with some of their past clients.
2. Use social media to get the word out about your company and products. Offer some sort of discount for a limited time and make sure that you promote the sale day over many social media platforms well in advance. This will help to create a buzz about your product. Some advertising agencies also offer social media packages as part of your ad campaign.

3. Self-promote your business by having business cards made up and place them in big box stores and supermarkets where there is a bulletin board. Make sure to include your contact info and what your business is about. Another place where you can put up a business flyer or card is in the local recreation center. Families often visit these establishments and chances are that your card will gain some attention.

4. Post your own ad on some of the free advertising forum boards on the internet. Make sure the ad tells them what the product is, who can use it, and the benefits of your product. You can even offer a buy one get one free type of offer, or even a free product for the most referrals.

5. Do a couple of trade shows in your local area. Churches, open air markets, craft shows and other similar places are great places to find a lot of people. Set up a stall and promote your products. Make sure you set up a nice display and offer a deal that people just cannot refuse.

Most businesses choose to hire an advertising agency because they are professionals in this line of business. They will work on getting your product known in print media, online, and through broadcasting over the radio and television. The creation of an effective ad campaign will increase your profit.

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