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by - Monday, January 21, 2013

Most high school students have been dreaming of this day for what feels like their entire life. Or at least from when they saw that epic moment in their favorite teen romance movie. The events throughout the last year all builds up to this amazing celebration with all their peers. Prom is the sensational event to elegantly close off a student’s end to high school. It creates a lot of excitement. However, anxiety and anticipation is an added pair of emotions developed from prom fever.

To loosen up the angst inhabiting every senior, some creative teens come up with some wonderfully sweet ways to ask someone out to prom. Amongst the talk of which two girls are going to show up in the same formal dresses [http://www.skeffingtonsdress.com/] or other news, prom proposals create a distinct memory leading up to the big night. Check out these classic and unique ways to ask out a potential date.

Prom Fortune

Getting a good fortune out of a cookie is usually a nice way to end a sumptuous meal. What a fortune would it be to be asked out to the prom? Place the question in a fortune cookie and surprise her if this is your girlfriend or someone you’ve been dating. This is one fortune she will never forget.

Question in a Message

Keep her in anticipated glee with one word messages. Get creative and place a single word on her door step, silly-stringed on the windshield of her car, in a box of chocolates or however you feel is best until you get the whole message out. This unique proposal will have her smiling for years from the thought of this type display.

Prom Request Via PA System

For all the brave seniors reading, this is for you. Most women love a public display of affection. Addressing the whole student body your prom proposal to the lady of your desire will not only impress her, but all of your friends and peers. Make sure to say who you are and to get your message across in a clear, concise voice. This will be one PA announcement no one will ignore.

Message in a Flower

Every guy knows how much girls love flowers. A prom proposal with flowers will make asking your sought after date feel extra special. You can either have a florist carry a bouquet of her favorite flowers or deliver them yourself to her doorstep. You’ll love the surprise written all over her face when she reads your note. Come up with something creative and fun like a sweet poem. “Roses are red, violets are blue. My request is here waiting for you. Will you go to the prom with me?”

Prom can be the greatest way to end such an incomparable period of a person’s life. The night will always be something to remember, but having a stand out prom proposal will make it even more spectacular.

This article was written by Jean Scheid.

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