5 Natural Kitchen Aromas Loved Worldwide!

by - Saturday, February 09, 2013

Kitchens have a vast array of different scents and smells, especially when cooking and to be honest not all of them are pleasant. However, there are some strong kitchen aromas which are delightfully inviting to both you and your guests. There is something welcoming about different aromas, which will make your family and friends want to stay and even help out in the kitchen.

Baking bread has an addictive aroma especially those with cinnamon and other spices.  It makes your mouth water and your senses come alive.  As the pleasant smell drifts through your kitchen, you will notice that the mood is uplifted in the house. Regardless of where you are in the world, the smell of bread in the oven is simply delicious.

Chocolate is one of those foods that people find delicious and every element of it including the smell is considered addictive. The sweet, decadent aroma is calming and appealing and will improve your mood. As people enter your kitchen they will feel calmer, and all of their anxiety will be lifted, simply by smelling chocolate.

Hmmm… super moist chocolate nougat cake topped with no bake soft filling with loads of Oreo cookies --- YUM!

Coffee’s aroma can draw people into the room and even if you do not enjoy the taste, a quality coffee brewing is sensual. The aroma of freshly brewed coffee has been used in kitchens for years to make the environment more welcoming, pleasing and enticing. For many people, this is the ultimate aroma to find in their kitchen every morning.

Indoor plants may not be something that you have considered in the past however, there is a huge array to choose from that will provide the ideal touch of light fragrance for your kitchen. The air will be fresher, cleaner and aromatic. You may want to choose plants that can be used in your cooking, or simply to let off distinct aromas. Herbs are excellent in your kitchen.  They can be grown in a small area, including the window, which is perfect.
Fresh Fruits can be cut and placed in shallow bowls in the kitchen to produce a natural scent that makes your kitchen feel fresh and clean. They are not only excellent at masking other strong aromas, but produce a distinctive citrus smell. You can choose limes, oranges, and lemons which all have the strongest yet sweet smells.

There will be aromas that you prefer and others that you find too strong or too weak, which is why you should try several options before choosing. Once you find a collection of different aromas, you can decide which ones to use to enhance your kitchen and make it more homey.

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