A New Pair of Shoes for the Big Kitchen, Please.

by - Wednesday, February 20, 2013

My work in the big kitchen doesn’t give me a lot of time to sit down and rest.  Cooking food for a living is not a joke.  Standing from start until the shift ends makes my legs and feet ache… a lot.  A pair of good walking shoes helps a lot in reducing the pain and keeping my body in balance.

I own two pairs of shoes that I use only while at work.  I usually switch pairs every after four hours.  Somehow, this strategy stops my feet from killing me at the end of the day.
After months of standing and walking for hours inside the big kitchen, my Reebok shoes are starting to reach its retirement age.  Very soon, I need to find a replacement and I haven’t really given it much thought yet.  A pair of  salomon trail running shoes [http://www.rockcreek.com/salomon.rc] looks nice and comfy so I might look into it a little more later.  Hopefully, I’ll be stumbling upon good reviews and useful recommendations about it on Google.
Oooops!  Already found three pretty comfy-looking shoes from Solomon.  Quick, huh?  I love the brown one most.  It looks sturdy yet cozy.  Will have to search further though, compare selections and prices so I will not end up with regrets.

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