Attires That Go Well With Ankle Boots

by - Thursday, February 21, 2013

Ankle boots are more convenient to wear than knee high boots. They are also extremely stylish and add a touch of Parisian class to the wearer. The best thing about ankle boots is that they can be worn with almost everything in your wardrobe.

Cute ankle boots are ideal for showing off those long, fabulous legs, and they are comfortable to walk around with. They are ideal for daytime wear and would look simply fabulous with your typical office attire. You can also wear them at night for bar hopping or for attending casual affairs.

Ideally, women's ankle boots are worn with skirt, pants, legging and dresses, but not in a general scope. This means that they should be worn with certain types of pants, skirts and dresses. Of course, no one can certainly stop you from wearing what you want.

But, if you are a woman with a sense of fashion or the pride of femininity, then you should actually be careful with what you don from top to bottom. You need to remember that it does not hurt to be stylish as long as you know the right clothes, shoes and accessories to wear.

The following are the best attires that you can wear with your ankle boots:● Skirts

Shorts skirts and ankle boots are the best pair. Short denim skirts and casual tee look casually elegant when paired with a flat brown ankle shoes. If you love black, you can opt for a black top, black mini pencil-cut skirt and the classic black heeled ankle boots [you can also throw in a pair of sheer black pantyhose]. It's a daring ensemble, but if you've got style, you can unquestionably get away with it. The technique in achieving the best result in this set up is to keep your skirt on the narrow cut, and do not fall for the trap of wearing full miniskirts because you might end up looking more of a figure skater than a fashionista.

● Dresses

When it comes to pairing ankle shoes with dresses, the same principle applies here. Wear dresses with narrow or straight skirts because they look better with the boots. Also avoid long or maxi dresses with your ankle boots; they simply do not look good together. Tunic shirt dresses are great with either flat or heeled ankle boots shoes.

● Leggings and Tights

Leggings or tights are an ideal addition to ankle boots and short dresses or dress tees. The strategy here is to make sure that there is no skin visible between the hems of leggings and the boots. This means that you need full length tights or leggings, and avoid Capri styles as much as possible.

● Pants

The same strategy applies here; no skin between the hem of the denim pants and the boot. Skinny jeans are of course the best types of pants to wear with your favorite ankle boots. They can be easily inserted inside the boots, and the result is a chic, yet casual outdoorsy look.

● Shorts

Shorts and cute ankle boots are typical attire assembly during the hot summer months. But you need to understand that not all kinds of ankle boots look good with shorts. Shorter women's ankle shoes are better and avoid wearing boots with wide and long shafts because they will make you look stumpy - even if you have super model legs.

About the author: Michelle Austin is a fashion blogger whose passion is to write about the latest trends in women's fashion and the most appropriate get-ups for the right occasions.

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