Colourful Kettles for your Kitchen

by - Tuesday, February 19, 2013

It’s interesting the way kitchen designs, including colours, go through phases and changes. In the two post war decades, most kitchens were a mix of functional stand-alone appliances and tables, and there was very little choice as to colour. In the late sixties through the seventies, the “fitted kitchen” became the must-have [if you could afford it] and there was a desire for symmetry, tucking away appliances under built-in work surfaces, and having matching floor and wall cupboards. Colours and designs began to blossom, with natural woods being popular, along with the marble-effect work surface. Since then we have been spoilt for choice as to ranges of not only fitted kitchen designs, but also in appliances such as fridge-freezers.

The most popular kitchen designs are white, as are appliances such as dishwashers, microwaves and refrigerators. Be that as it may, an increasing number of us are opting for splashes of colour in our kitchens. While you can go for an in-your-face red or black big statement fridge-freezer, there are other, more subtle ways of bringing some variety in terms of colour and contour to your kitchen worktop. Some of the following kettles also come with matching toasters and other kitchen work-surface appliances. You can be so colour co-ordinated if you want! I’m afraid it seems that a white kettle is… well, boring!

Here are five examples of kettles that break the mould and would be a great addition to your kitchen, either in practical use, or when just standing there, as decoration!
1. For around £120, here’s a real eye-catcher from Panasonic. It’s model NC-ZK1VXC and has all the latest gadgets such as cool touch exterior, LED indicator, lime-scale filter, 360 degree cordless swivel, and of course all the basics such as a non-drip spout, push-button opening, water level indicator and auto shut-off. It’s also available in other colours, visit the Panasonic website to browse their selection.

2. If you like to have a traditional shaped kettle on a hob for boiling water, then you could do a lot worse than go for this eye-catching hand-painted aluminium “Pyjama Party” kettle! £70 including shipping.

3. Kenwood KMix Boutique range kettles. Also available in green, orange, yellow and pink. Here is the blue kMix Kettle SJM023. Around £50-£60. It will compliment a pastel shade kitchen, or shine out like a beacon in a white or cream one.

4. Morphy Richards Accent Range. This is the 43804 that sells for about £40. Lovely spring-like lime green colour.

5. Finally, at the cheaper end of the scale for kettles, there’s no need to go for white. What about this maroon one? For less than £20 here’s a Cookworks kettle. It features a removable lime-scale filter that helps improve the taste and texture of your boiled water by removing some of the impurities found within your local tap water.

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