Different Kinds of Rotary Engraving Machines Used for Commercial Purposes

by - Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Rotary engraving machines are used to describe any equipment that helps you in subscribing or marking onto different kinds of materials. It actually is something like a cutting-equipment, which comes with one rotating spindle that is normally strong enough to go through surfaces of different materials, right from plastics to aluminum. These kinds of machines are used for engravings on to badges, trophies, signs, jewelry, awards and plaques.

● Aluminum is the Common Choice

The most commonly used material for making these kinds of awards is aluminum, as good engraving equipment will only create amazing craft on trophies. The cutting tool is made of different kinds of materials and is designed to solve different purposes. Most of these cutters are made from extremely high speed carbide or steel. These are some of the hardest materials recommended for engraving and cutting applications. Carbide, of course is more durable compared to high speed steels and is also less likely of becoming brittle. HSS is also a great choice of fine and deep cuts of few kinds of metals.

● Other Engraving Machines

Apart from cutters, few other important parts of these engraving machines are cables, vises, burnishing accessories, belts, holding jigs, sheers and vacuum pumps. If engraving happens to be your hobby you don’t really have to spend a huge some on it as you don’t really have to invest in the best quality products. If you want to use them for commercial purposes, things change a lot as you can’t afford to put your money on something that is not best. As you would want your business to have an edge over the rest, you would need the engravings to be done with the best products possible. Here you get two primary choices in front of you.

● Benefits of Collet Spindles

Many big machines used in industries go for collet spindles that offer precise incisions. The incision goes through wonderfully as collet holds cutter in right place when you insert it into the device’s spindle. This one can be considered as one of the clamping devices as it properly holds the given cutter in place, which helps in achieving precise and rigid arrangement. The disadvantage here is that this tool doesn’t offer room for any adjustment, so it is advised to only be used by someone who has enough experience in these kinds of works.

● Consider a Top-Load Cutter

A top-loading cutter is yet another choice that you could go with. It is placed right inside the device’s spindle from above and it is held tightly in that place with the help of a threaded knob. Obviously, you would get more room for changing with the cutter held right in place with the threaded knob. If this is the kind of rotary engraving machine that suits you then you get the choice to pick from a wide range of shank diameters. Just make sure you go for the exact cutter length that accommodates other accessories, like burnishing attachments and vacuum chip removers. These two are probably the best variety of engraving machines that you can buy for commercial and industrial purposes. 

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: This article is written by Ashley Hawkins. She is a freelance writer who loves to write about tips and ideas on how to select unique gifts for every occasion. You can follow her on twitter: @itsmeashley2013.

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