Dyed My Hair The Second Time Around

by - Sunday, February 24, 2013

Before turning 34, I decided to color my hair.  I honestly wasn’t so sure if I was ready to dye my hair from black to brown.  It took me half a year to prepare myself for the change.  Yes.  It was my first time and I got so nervous.  To make the long story short, the result was great.  As I stared at myself in front of the mirror, I loved what I saw.

Two weeks after celebrating the new year, I realized that the hair got longer.  A lot longer.  My first thought was to cut it short.  But nah.  I ended up coloring it instead.  Yes.  I did it again!

I used the same hair dye brand and shade.  Since my confidence level when it comes to changing hair colors isn’t that solid yet, I thought that it was the safest direction to go.  Although I was happy with the new look, my inner voice kept on telling me that I should have gone bolder… a lighter brown could have been better.  No regrets though.  After all, there’s always a next time!

Sometime in March, I’ll be dying my hair again.  This time, I’ll be choosing a new hue.  With no intention of capturing the spotlight [I believe that there’s none, anyway], I’ll be opting for a lighter alternative.  Will definitely post photos of the up and coming new me!

Happy Sunday everyone!

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